When is a good time to have a kitchen makeover?

20th June 2019

selection of herbs and flowers in a pestle and mortar

I bet most of us would say never. The thought of having the heart of your home out of action for a period of time is just too much. But with the right amount of planning this doesn’t have to be a big issue. If you can minimise the disruption to a bit of inconvenience, that has to be worth it.

In order to do this, you need to work out when is the best time for you to have a kitchen makeover. Most of us are busy people with family, work and social commitments. Which is why you need to consider all aspects before picking a date for the work to happen.

Decide what you want

This sounds a bit obvious but there is so much choice for each individual aspect of a kitchen. There might be elements you really don’t like but if you simply combine them with a different colour or texture you will love it.

white and grey kitchen with blue wall and exposed brickwork

An example would be worktops, these cover such a prominent area and always have a big impact. Or maybe look at a backsplash rather than tiles. Even something as simple as changing the door handles. Ask a kitchen fitter to bring along some samples to help you decide.

Take as long as you need to choose what you want. But once you have made your choice don’t keep changing your mind. This can add disruption, mess and time to any kitchen upgrade. Something you really want to avoid if you dislike the kitchen being out of action.

Assess the extent of the works

It’s important not to generalise about a kitchen makeover. The work needed could be anything from replacing cupboard doors and draws to ripping out the oven, sink and worktops. These days you could argue there is a fine line between a completely new kitchen and a simple freshen-up.

Whatever you are planning, a conversation with a kitchen fitter will give you all the information you need. They will understand what you need and how much disruption is involved as well as the timescales. Best to get a view up front so you know what you’re dealing with.

Always consider the family

Only you will know what you have planned over the coming year. If you are entertaining at home or organising any parties, definitely best to avoid these dates. Even if you have the outside caters doing the food, they will still need access to your kitchen.

Large open white kitchen with wooden dining table in centre

Children are actually quite flexible, depending on their age. But you clearly want to avoid kitchen upheaval around any exam periods. These are stressful enough without adding another layer.

You might think that school holidays would be a good time. But bear in mind this might be a step too far with children under your feet all day.

The annual family holiday might be the perfect time to work on the kitchen. Peace and quiet with no disruptions will certainly help with the completion timescales. If it’s just the two of you then why not book a holiday and get away from it all. Nothing better than coming home to a revamped kitchen.

Make alternative arrangements

There is no getting away from the fact you may not be able to use the kitchen for a couple of weeks. If you don’t mind microwave meals you can always set up a make-shift kitchen area in another room.

If you’re going for a summer makeover you could go for an outdoor kitchen, well at least a barbeque. Live alfresco for a couple of weeks. The only downside is that you can’t always guarantee the weather. So always good to have an alternative plan.

Depending on how extensive the makeover is going to be, you may have access to a utility room. If you can complete the works in the main kitchen first this could be an area you can access for basics.

The season for kitchen makeovers

Always a topic of great debate. Because this is an indoor project, in a room that is already furnished, the seasons shouldn’t be a major consideration. You’re not dependant on fine, frost-free weather. Work can be carried out irrespective of what is happening outside.

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You might want to consider a time of year when there are more daylight hours. Particularly if you are working to a tight deadline and your kitchen fitter is willing to work longer days. This will depend on the extent of the makeover. You can work with artificial light but not if the electric supply is off.

And of course, if you want to use a kitchen fitter that is recommended you may be limited as to when they can do it. There is certainly a period from September through to December when everybody wants their kitchen upgrade for Christmas. Which actually takes us right back to the basics of planning.

So, there really isn’t a bad time to have a kitchen makeover. The most important thing to consider is when it is right for you. Everything should work around you and your family.

If you are thinking about having some work done, best to start the conversations now. Even a busy kitchen fitter will be able to meet with you, give you some ideas and discuss your options. Their job is not just about the installation but helping you make the heart of your home beat.

What are your thoughts on kitchen makeovers, why not leave a comment?

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