What to consider when choosing kitchen appliances

2nd May 2019

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Well top of my list would be how to make my life easier. There are so many useful gadgets you can use in your kitchen. But you need to be careful. It would be really easy to fill your cupboards and workspace with every gadget that is going. Which is clearly a great tactic if you like dusting.

So, how do you decide on which appliances you can’t live without?  This could be quite a simple process based on how often you use them. Always be prepared to get rid of any you haven’t used in months. It can be ruthless but will help you in the long run.

Seamlessly integrated appliances

You would probably start with the large white goods that are now standard kitchen items. A dishwasher has become a must for most households. The thought of washing up is not something that crosses our minds very often.

But this item doesn’t need to be on display. If you have a stylish, sleek maybe even modern kitchen why spoil it with a machine breaking up those fine lines. Cupboards can be adapted to house a dishwasher. Seamlessly integrated and only revealed when dirty dishes are piling up on the side.

 Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

The same can be said for fridges. Although these can now make a statement all on their own. You can colour co-ordinate a fridge/freezer with your kitchen or it can stand out in matt black, silver or maybe a striking red. Designed to definitely be seen and available in retro to super-sized American styles.

A cooker is no longer just a cooker

There is so much choice on the type of cooker combinations. And I’m not talking about whether it’s gas or electric. For a kitchen designer it just opens up a whole world of possibilities.

You no longer have to find space for your hob and main oven to sit together. They can be placed separately depending on the look you want to create.

modern black and white kitchen with wooden accents

Range cookers have proved very popular in recent years. An almost industrial sized oven with double hob burners and oodles of oven space. What a way to announce your kitchen and make a statement that cooking is definitely done in this space.

Extractor fans also come in all shapes and sizes. You are no longer restricted to installing these on a solid wall. They can hang in the middle of a room, concealed under a cupboard or shelf. The latest designs have them built next to the hob. Which is great if you are short of space.

An old favourite that still has a use

Microwave ovens have become a standard appliance for any kitchen. Probably on a par with the oven and washing machine but maybe slightly ahead of the dishwasher. These are available in lots of different styles and finishes. You need to choose one that blends in with your kitchen.

Often just placed on top of the worktops, tucked away in the corner. An extra surface on which to put paperwork or a tissue box. It’s also quite nice to have these built into a cupboard. All you see is the front of the machine with easy access to open and shut the door.

A barista in your kitchen

Now there’s a thought. But on a serious note. This is what we call ‘proper’ coffee making machines. An increasingly popular appliance in the kitchen. The smell of freshly ground coffee is too much to resist at any time of the day.

Image by María Fernanda Pérez from Pixabay

These appliances can sit on top of the work tops, no problem. A permanent feature in the kitchen. After all they are quite easy on the eye, but can add to the sense of clutter.

A popular alternative is to have them built into a cupboard. Adapting this space to house a coffee machine or you could use a shelf. It just needs to be set at the right height for you to reach. This way you can still see the machine but it’s permanently stored up out of the way.


A lot of appliance options to make the heart of your home beat. It’s great to have so much flexibility because you can create a kitchen that works for you.

What would be your favourite and why?