The stress-free way to install a new kitchen

7th February 2019

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

It’s not until you have to do without something, that you realise how important it is. Kitchens definitely fall into this category. The heart of your home stops beating for a few weeks before being restarted.

So, how can you minimise the pain and disruption to your home? Well fortunately there are a few steps you can take, to reduce the stress associated with fitting a new kitchen.

Planning your dream kitchen

When you are at the planning stage, there are no signs of disruption to the household. This is where you can sit back and really enjoy creating that dream kitchen.

The choice of colours, textures, finishes and gadgets are simply fantastic. Deciding on an overall look and feel is probably the most difficult part. But make sure you see samples and really visualise how they want your space to be.

A kitchen fitter can help you with all this. Experienced fitters can even recommend which combinations work best together. Just take your time and make sure it is right for you, after all, this really is going to be the heart of your home.

Timing the installation of a new kitchen

This stage is probably as important as the planning. Think about the events you have planned for the year ahead. This will help you reduce the inconvenience to your life.

Special events, family celebrations, anniversaries are the type of parties that require a functioning kitchen. So, don’t make life difficult for yourself, avoid these dates and work around them.

Large clean white kitchen with wooden counter tops

For day to day living, there might be a room in the house where you can set-up a make shift kitchen. When you don’t have a cooker, microwaves are marvellous for bridging that gap. While small fridges, that don’t take up much space, can keep the essentials you need cool.

 A single point of contact

Your kitchen fitter should be the one person you go to for any work being carried out. They will plan and organise each element needed to bring your kitchen together.

Plumbers, electricians, plasterers and tilers will all need to work on the project. Which is why it makes sense for one person to arrange these services. This will ensure they are only on site for when they are needed. All you have to know is when they are arriving and probably put the kettle on.

The one area which can affect timings is when bespoke pieces are being made for the kitchen. Delays can happen, for whatever reason and usually beyond anyones control, but a fitter can work around these to minimise the impact.

A little bit of planning and finding the right kitchen fitter will certainly make life a lot easier for you. This is such an important room in the house and we are skilled at making the heart of your home beat.

Trinder Craft can with vinyls applied