The Great British Barbecue

16th August 2019

British Barbecue setup Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

And what a story there is to tell. If our weather was predictable and you were guaranteed hot, sunny days you would probably barbecue every day. But it isn’t which is why we try and plan these occasions with family and friends.

Often organised as a special occasion. A birthday or anniversary. Even just an opportunity to see people we haven’t seen for a while. But why do we insist on cooking and eating outside. There is a fifty : fifty chance it will rain.

Always have a back-up plan

If you work on the basis you will need a back-up plan, all will not be lost. A barbecue in your kitchen is not such a bad idea. In fact, the majority of your entertaining inevitably goes on in this room. So, it’s probably been designed with this in mind.

Even if you don’t eat in the kitchen and have a dining room next door, there is still plenty of opportunity to socialise. The worktops are at a great height so you can just lean on them, put your drinks down and strategically place bowls of crisps around the room.

A ready-made bar area for everybody to stand around and chit chat. You just need to carefully move bodies out of the way if you are barbecuing on the oven. And why not. An outside gas barbecue is just a cooker on wheels.

 Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

The two work well together

In reality, if you are having a barbecue, outside, then the kitchen will be in full swing anyway. Why is it men love to cook on the barbecue? They seem to claim this space and become some sort of expert chef.

Which is all very well. But you can’t just eat cooked meat or vegetables. There needs to be salad, potatoes and plenty of side dishes. All take quite a bit of time to prepare and need a fully equipped kitchen.

Funny that the chef elements don’t extend to this bit. Maybe because you have to be inside or is it that multi-tasking is not what they do. But if you open all the windows and doors it’s possible to feel the barbecue spirit. The fridge is still located in the kitchen. So, if it’s a hot day everyone will want drink refills at some stage.

Outside, inside barbecue anytime

Trying to second guess what the weather is going to do can be too much for some people. And actually, barbecue food tastes just as good coming from the kitchen.

Modern ovens have all the necessary space and gadgets to do a perfectly good barbecue indoors. You may need to open all the windows if you don’t fancy the extractor fan on at full blast. But it will be just as sociable and not an umbrella in sight.

Natural grey kitchen with clear cabinets and tiled floor

Something that is purpose-built

Dining alfresco can be quite addictive. Particularly if it’s a hot summer and good weather has set in. You could almost believe you are living in a Mediterranean climate. Eating outside becomes the norm.

Building an outside kitchen might be on the agenda. A little spot in the corner of the garden. Somewhere you can install some kitchen units and worktops under a canopy. Maybe with a barbecue to the side – that really needs to stay out in the open.

Pizza ovens and brick-built barbecues are also very popular. Ideal for a summer project but it will need to be built quickly. Before the forecast changes and the window of opportunity has gone. Maybe get the experts in to help you.

Some people go the whole hog and build a bar outside. It usually doesn’t matter if it’s raining because this is all under cover. Bar stools to sit up to the bar, a fridge to keep all the essentials cool, spirit optics if you are a professional and a dart board in the corner. That’s one way to make yourself very popular.

 Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Planning your outside space is just as important as furnishing a house. You may need the skills of a landscape gardener combined with a good kitchen fitter. But together they can create a functional outside room for you.

What do you like best about barbecues or do you hate them?

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