Setting sail to a new kitchen island

7th March 2019

 Photo by Sarah Eaton from Pexels

It might be hard for us to remember how lowly a status the kitchen had in days gone by. Very much the engine room of the house. Generating lots of activity behind the scenes with a focus on producing the main meals for the household.

Gadgets were the drivers of change for the kitchens we enjoy today. Ushering in open plan designs and clever ways in which to accommodate equipment. All elements that we now take for granted.

Row your boat ashore

How far we have come when you look at the modern-day kitchen. Both in terms of how it looks but also the status within the house.

It’s now all about making the heart of the home beat. The one room where everybody gathers and spends most of their time.

Erika Wittlieb on Pixabay

An island has become the focal point for many kitchens. It can be a standalone feature or jutting out from the worktops, rather like a peninsula. Adding a different dimension to the space and often making the kitchen table obsolete.

As you might expect the island does come in all shapes and sizes. It also has a number of uses. All adding to the overall functionality of your kitchen.


Take a seat and enjoy

High up chairs under counter top

A seating area is often the first thing that springs to mind. Lots of lovely pictures in glossy house magazines with stylish bar stools and chairs. These can be incredibly comfortable.

Great for sitting round and chatting but also replacing the traditional table and chairs at meal times. Modern eating is up at the bar so why not do this in your own home.

More space on board

The height of an island should be in keeping with the rest of your kitchen units. This will give you additional storage options. So, if you’re looking for more cupboards, draws or shelf space you can design it to include all or some of these.

If you don’t need any more storage then why not have it open underneath the worktop. Perhaps have a racking system or slotted base. This will look more like a traditional butchers block but can make it easier to pull up a bar stool.

Make it work harder

Image by mgattorna on Pixabay

Another great solution if you are short of space on the main worktops. Kitchen sinks and cooker hobs can be installed on a central island. This will leave you more worktop around the edge of the kitchen for preparation and storing gadgets.


Extractor fans can be quite a feature in the middle of the room. This is probably a must over the cooker hob. Or you can source big, bold lighting fixtures and fittings. Make a statement of the space and draw people into the island.

It needs to look good

Some consideration needs to be given to the overall appearance. This should be part of your design but can be added to an existing kitchen. Contrasting units are really effective. Making an island part of the kitchen but very much there on its own merits.

If you want to go a step further, install a different worktop. There is plenty of choice. You could even have something really bold. This would be fine because it’s only a small worktop and not the whole kitchen.

You may have lots of ideas or seen exactly what you want but are not sure how to make it happen. Why not talk to the kitchen fitter who is passionate about making the heart of your home beat.