Kitchen gadgets you could fall in love with

6th November 2018

Walk into any kitchen shop on the high street and you’ll find a cooking gadget for absolutely anything. Whether you want to slice, peel, shred or juice, there will be some designer looking object that you simply can’t live without.

The reality is you’ll probably use it once and then carefully place it in the back of a cupboard. So, what about the gadgets you can build into your kitchen, harder to throw away and definitely ones you will not fall out of love with.

5 Kitchen gadgets to make your life easier

Number 1 – A Sound Bar

We all love music in the kitchen. Traditionally this would be delivered through a music system, then came the portable sound bars which connect to your smartphone and most recently the Echo and Alexa devices.

The downside is that you still need to find space in the kitchen to store these items and, to be honest, be very tempted to leave them in a draw or cupboard.

Well you can now have a sound bar built into the fabric of your kitchen. Adapting kitchen cupboards and even the ‘kick boards’, a system can be installed that blends seamlessly into the units and can play all your favourite tunes whilst you are cooking.

Number 2 – Charging Points

Cluttering up your kitchen worktops with charging plugs and cables can make the space look really untidy. But with the amount of time we spend in the kitchen, it is a place where we want to re-charge our phones and iPad.

There are a couple of easy solutions. A half-way house is to install specially adapted sockets that already have a USB charging point, you simply plug in and charge.

If you really want to de-clutter, you can adapt one of the draws in your kitchen and install a charging tray. This will allow you to place the item on the tray, plug-in and re-charge out of sight, but hopefully not out of mind.

Number 3 – Lighting

Not what you expect on a list of kitchen gadgets. Of course, they should be LED because on average throughout the year, you probably spend more time in the kitchen with the lights on, so you want to be energy efficient.

This little beauty is for motion sensitive lighting. When you have left the kitchen, sat down, started watching TV, maybe fallen asleep and forgotten to switch the lights off. Well you don’t need to worry because these lights will turn themselves off if there is no movement detected in the kitchen.

Number 4 – Kitchen Taps

At one time you could only choose between mixer taps or single hot and cold taps, regular temperatures nothing too complicated. Then it was simply a case of choosing the right style for your kitchen.

Enter the instant hot water taps, no need to boil the kettle to make a cup of tea, simply turn the tap and pour. There is even a tap which runs as cold water and you simply pull the extension hose out to make instant hot water, or why not have a spray tap with a flexible attachment.

Number 5 – Extractor Fans

Often installed as a must have, a necessity to remove those lingering kitchen smells, the much-maligned extractor fan. But have you seen the variety that is now available, definitely part of the design essentials and a gadget in its own right.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps installed as a feature sitting above the cooker either on the wall or over a kichen island, even built into a cupboard or ceiling. You can also get angled cooker hoods, the clue is in the name, installed at an angle for those who always bang their heads on the canopy.

So next time you’re in that kitchen shop, looking at all the wonderful little kitchen essentials that will save you chopping time, just spare a thought for the larger gadgets and maybe think about how they could make you love your kichen even more.