It is possible to upcycle your kitchen

8th July 2019

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

It’s probably fair to say there are two rooms in a house that attract a lot of attention. The bathroom and kitchen. If you are selling a house they will be of greater interest. It can sometimes be a deciding factor. Rooms that can easily add costs for a buyer.

For those who have bought a house and can see the potential, there are options. One of these is upcycling. Not the same as recycling. You aren’t getting rid of items that will be made into something else. But reusing, revamping, restyling.

A simple freshen-up

Let’s be honest, kitchens are built to last. You can expect a good quality kitchen to last 20 years. It might start to look a bit dated and tired but in essence each of the elements will still do the job.

In fact, it’s usually the kitchen cupboard doors that become worn over time. The actual carcass or frame is still solid. So, why not freshen-up with a coat of paint. You can remove the doors and draws to another room to apply a new colour or finish.

blue wooden cabinets with brass handles

Which means you don’t have to worry about emptying the contents of the cupboards. They can still be used for storage. There just won’t be any doors on them. The layout of the kitchen hasn’t changed. You are keeping everything that was originally there but re-modelling the look.

To help with the freshen-up why not change the door and draw handles. These could be something you upcycle as well. There are companies who will do this for you which means you just need to buy directly from them.

It’s all about repurposing materials. These are likely to be items you won’t have thought about using. How about teaspoons or folks, car door handles or leather made into loops. These can all be remodelled into handles for your kitchen.

Introducing bespoke furniture

A kitchen doesn’t have to be laid out exactly as you see in the brochure. The most important thing for you is to make the heart of your home beat. Which can be difficult if you feel you are living in a showroom kitchen. So, why not start with a basic layout and customise certain bits.

You may already have a favourite piece of furniture. If it doesn’t quite fit with your current kitchen, why not paint it or sand it down to the original wood. Add new fittings to it and instantly transform the overall look.

Another good place to visit will be the auction rooms or a shop selling second-hand furniture? There are so many original pieces you can choose from. Find something you like and if it’s not in the right condition then refurbish it. That’s what upcycling is all about.

olive cupboards with blue cabinets

Discover a new kitchen island

Very popular and often used instead of a table is the kitchen island. Definitely a centre piece for this room. They can be bold, a bit different, but always providing a contrast to the rest of the room. In essence a piece that wants to stand out.

You could build something from scratch using different materials. Reclaimed wood and scaffolding poles would give you an urban look. Maybe an old set of draws or a cart on wheels. They can all be adapted to stand alone as an island in your kitchen.


Installing lights above your island can add to the overall look. This is where you can definitely give items a new lease of life. How about old-fashioned car or heat lamps, crystal bowls or maybe a wire egg basket. All sound a bit strange but once adapted you probably wouldn’t recognise them.

 Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

It’s a matter of choice

Budget might be one of your considerations. A new kitchen could be a step to far. Yet you need to make some changes because it’s not a room you warm to. Maybe you want to stamp your own personality on it.

Upcycling in the right areas can give you what you need. Reusing what you have, changing the way it looks and adding a few more distinct items will give you this. A good kitchen fitter can advise you on where you need to focus to achieve the right look.

Some people just want to reuse as much as they can. So, building an upcycled kitchen will give them great satisfaction. Sourcing the materials is part of the enjoyment. Maybe just leave the installation to the experts.

If you are taking kitchen units out to replace with your own style, why not use them somewhere else. Maybe build an outdoor kitchen for those summer barbeques. Or donate them to a local charity, they might be able to use them to support the work they do.

Whatever you decide it must be about making the heart of your home beat. To stamp your own personality on the kitchen. Make it a room where you want to spend time, entertain your family and friends. Simply just enjoy what you have created.


Have you had a go at upcycling in your kitchen or is it something that does appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts.

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