How to choose a kitchen fitter

6th June 2019

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When you start to look at major building work on your home it’s important to find the right builder. Installing a kitchen is really no different. You need a skilled individual you can trust and who you know will do a good job. They need to make the heart of your home beat.

You could be using a national chain or local supplier to design and supply your new kitchen. That doesn’t always mean you have to use their installers. If you know what you need, you can ask the right questions upfront. It’s important you get the best kitchen fitter for the job.

What do other people say

These days everybody looks at reviews before they make a purchase. It’s no different when you are looking for a skilled tradesman. In fact, it’s something you should actively seek out to ensure they are as good as they say.

Why not ask for the details of some previous customers. Check that it’s alright to make contact, then ask about their experience. How did they find their workmanship, were they tidy, did they manage other trades, how was their time keeping?

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Have a look at their website, are there any testimonials. These are a great way to read about what other people thought. Of course, these are published by the owner of the website but how many do they have and what aspects do they cover. These might be areas that are really important to you.

Google reviews is another source of information. This is perhaps more transparent as people can share their thoughts directly online. If there is a bad review, see if there was a response and what was said. There are always two sides to a story.

Kitchen fitting experience and guarantees

When you talk to a kitchen fitter, they will tell you about the other jobs they’ve completed. Ask to see the pictures. They may even have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture of the kitchen to show the extent of the transformation.

It would be even better if they have installed a kitchen layout similar to the one you have chosen. Always ask to see the pictures, but also ask if you can go and see it. View the installation at first-hand and speak to the customer.

Check what will happen once your kitchen is installed. Make sure they follow-up to ensure there are no ‘snagging’ issues. Just little things that probably don’t really matter but over time they start to niggle away. Really easy for a fitter to fix and if they take pride in their work, it will also matter to them.

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Some kitchen fitters will offer guarantees for their work. If they have supplied the kitchen units there is usually a guarantee of about 10 years. But remember, any teething problems with the installation, a good quality fitter will always sort these out straight away.

Wood products in kitchens are really popular. This may be something you are keen to use but are concerned about the environment. There are fitters who will use wood with an environmentally sustainable reassurance obtained from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Check their websites to see if they offer this.

Managing the kitchen installation

When you have chosen your kitchen layout and style, you don’t always appreciate what is involved with fitting a kitchen. You definitely need electric and water. Gas is optional depending on what you prefer and if it’s available.

Kitchen fitters will often out-source the plumbing and electrics to a specialist. You need to establish if this is the case and if it’s part of their quote or separate. Whoever you use, make sure the relevant accreditations and certifications are up to date.

When your fitter works with a team of tradesmen it can save you a lot of hassle. They become the single point of contact. This makes it easier to manage their time on site during the installation more effectively.

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Working together

Whichever way you look at, your kitchen fitter will be on site for a number of weeks. So, it’s important that you get along. You have invited them into the heart of your home and you want them to build something special for you.

During the quotation process you can assess this sort of dynamic. It sounds a bit trivial. But your home will be taken over for a period of time so make sure you want to invite the kitchen installer back each day. If you really don’t then you have a problem.

At Trinder-Craft we are passionate about making the heart of your home beat. If you’d like to see the quality of our work just ask, we’d be happy to share.


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