How to choose a kitchen backsplash

5th April 2019

clean white counter top white marble tiling

A kitchen backsplash is actually a very functional feature of any kitchen. It does what is says really. Catches all the splashes. Whether you are cooking, preparing vegetables or making a cup of tea. If you make a mess it usually ends up on the backsplash.

Traditionally, these were always made of tiles. All you had to do was decide on the colour combination. Perhaps something with a pattern or picture included. Whatever you went with, it had the effect of bringing the whole kitchen together.

Traditional is still a good choice

Today there are a huge variety of backsplash styles, colours even textures to choose from.

Tiles are still very popular. You just have a wider choice. There are the simple colours available such as urban white. But you now have more variety and could consider a textured effect. Perhaps you want to look at different size tiles. These will all fit together like a large jigsaw puzzle.

 Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

For those who don’t like the grouting finish. Maybe you are someone who gets frustrated about how it deteriorates overtime. Why not try a tile wallpaper. Easy to work with and you are able cut it into shape, which is great when you have to go around those plug sockets.

Backsplashes have come of age

Then you have backsplashes that are completely different to tiles. The wood effect, mirror, marble, even stainless-steel finishes. Usually applied in one large sheet or certainly so you don’t see the joins. These will give you a smooth and sophisticated finish for any kitchen.

Large open kitchen diner with white cupboards

In fact, with the number of products and materials available today anything is possible. Acrylics come in a variety of colours and can give a kitchen that really modern touch. If you have a small kitchen why not look at a mirror effect. Reflect the light back into the room to create a spacious, light and airy room.

Then you have something that’s a little bit more, quirky shall we say. Copper is very popular in kitchens but have you thought about installing a copper backsplash. Incredibly stunning and actually quite warming. How about a blackboard. Show your artistic side by drawing images on it or write down all those things you remember when you’re in the kitchen.

Not just for the kitchen sink

You’ve chosen the kitchen cupboards, worktops and flooring. How do you bring it all together? Well the backsplash is a great way to do this. Behind the sink and cooker are the most obvious places but it doesn’t have to be limited to here.

pale blue whistling kettle on hob

Materials can be taken right up to the ceiling. This is a great option if you have no fitted cupboards above the worktop. Rather than look at a blank painted wall you could extend the backsplash. Why not enjoy more of the effect you have chosen, don’t limit it to a small area.

Open shelving is very popular these days. A place to store your cook books or individual ornaments. By covering the whole wall, you can incorporate these features into your kitchen. Make it part of the fixtures and fittings. A backsplash can actually make the shelving stand out, be more of a statement piece.

If it feels like there is too much choice why not talk to your local kitchen fitter. Always on hand with lots of sample books and ideas on how to make the heart of your home beat.