How to celebrate a small kitchen

23rd November 2018

Illustrated rendering of a kitchen design

The smallest room in your house might be the kitchen but there is still a lot to celebrate. It just might take a bit more thought to ensure you have the ‘must haves’ for your kitchen and that each of the design elements make the space work for you.
Sounds obvious, but when space is at a premium you really need to prioritise what is important. Delicious, homecooked food is always a wonderful thing to come out of the kitchen, can’t help with the cooking, but there is definitely a lot you can do to make sure you have a functioning kitchen.
Think outside the box
Depending on the layout of your house, there might be an opportunity to locate some of the appliances in close proximity to the kitchen. A small room nearby could be converted into a utility room to store some of the more bulky items, such as the fridge or washing machine.
You might not want to relocate the dishwasher from the kitchen, in which case slimline versions can be used to reduce the amount of space needed. Why not go even more radical and maybe not even have a dishwasher but a slightly larger sink for washing-up.

Kitchen utensils illustration

A Great excuse to de-clutter
We’ve all done it, opened a kitchen cupboard and found a wonderful gadget we were given several Christmases ago, used it once, because it was the right thing to do and thrown it into the back of a cupboard. It’s amazing how much you can clear out when you only have a limited space.
If you actually looked at the pots, pans and utensils you use on a regular basis and only had these stored in your kitchen, you would be pleasantly surprised. Not only that, you would get your ‘moneys-worth’, because as soon as they wear out you simply replace, ‘like for like’, and carry on doing what you’re doing.
Stylish and practical, what more do you want
Kitchen cupboards and draws aren’t simply there to make your kitchen look great, obviously they do, but can also solve a range of design and storage challenges. Available in all shapes and sizes, from straight edges to curved corner units, vertical spice draws and corner cupboards, there is so much choice.
What this means is that if you are clear about how you want your kitchen space to work, a clever design will deliver what you need. Yes, even down to the cupboard and draw handles, or lack of, why not go completely seamless and have handle-less units, saves you having to navigate round them in such a small space.
The answer is up there somewhere

kitchen utensils illustration

Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be in a cupboard or on the worktops, why not look at the hanging options. A good start might be with a magnetic board near the cooker. All the knives lined up and stored for easy access when cooking, you just need a bit of wall space.
Racks for hanging pots, pans and utensils is another way to have all your essentials close to hand. The space above our heads in a kitchen can be a bit wasted, so this is a great, practical option and can add to the overall style you’re wanting to achieve.
Using colour can add to the space
Choosing the right colour palette for a small space is really important. You do need to be cautious, particularly if using dark colours, as this can close an area inwards and actually make it feel smaller.
Mixing colours is good but don’t use more than 3 or it will become very busy, with each element fighting against each other. The best option would be to keep it light and airy, have good LED lighting, reduce the amount of clutter, at least the bits that are on show, and install ‘Tardis-like’ cupboards that can hold your kitchen essentials.
The good news is that whatever your size of kitchen, there are lots of options to choose from. As a kitchen fitter, I can help you with those choices and keep the ‘heart of your home beating’ – why not get the ball rolling and get in touch today.

wooden spoon with a heart shaped hole