How many people does it take to fit a new kitchen?

21st March 2019

Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

It probably takes more people than you think. But if you are using a good quality kitchen fitter, you’ll be unaware of how many. Why? Because they will organise it so they come and go seamlessly.

Taking you through the process will show you how many different trade skills are involved. It will also give you an idea of what to expect if you are thinking about a new kitchen.

A design that suits your lifestyle

It’s really important to spend time understanding what you want and need from a kitchen. Planning the cupboard space, draws and shelves, wine racks, kitchen island and worktops are all part of delivering the right space for you.

At this stage it’s really easy to visualise the layout using computer software packages. Often 3-dimensional, it will enable you to move around the room and view from lots of different angles. Changing the colour of units or worktops is just the touch of a button.

Starting with a blank canvas

Once you have agreed the design the next stage is to clear the room. The existing kitchen units, worktops and tiles, flooring, even the kitchen appliances are all removed.

single chair on a white backdrop

Your kitchen fitter will start this process. If you are reusing the appliances they can be stored and brought back at a later date. The only clue as to what is going on will be skips on the driveway to remove all the debris.

First fixings

This relates to the electric and plumbing requirements for your kitchen. It might seem to be happening at a really early stage. But the pipework and cabling will need to be in place before any units are installed.

You may have decided to change the location of fridges, freezers, cookers or dishwashers. These all need electric so it’s important to have the sockets in the right place. The same goes for waste pipes and water.

At this stage the walls will need a bit of attention. A plasterer can smooth over all the cracks and fill in any holes. Applying a whitewash will set the scene for the kitchen fitting to begin.


The main attraction

The next job is where it all gets really exciting, well at least for a kitchen fitter. The base and wall units are installed. Just carcasses in the first instance but the room will start to take shape.

At this point the second fixing for electrics and plumbing are done. Appliances and sinks can now be put in place, followed by worktops and backsplashes. Laying the flooring covering is another job that can be completed.

 Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

Cupboards and doors are installed. At last these can be attached to the empty carcasses. This really does have a ‘wow’ factor. Your kitchen is becoming a reality and you can now see the colours and finish you visualised at the design stage.

Final touches will include the kickboards, door and cupboard handles, as well as painting any exposed walls and the ceiling.  And of course, don’t forget your light fittings. If these are not spot-lights but a statement piece for the room, now is the time to show them off.

The final count

So, a walk through of how a kitchen design will come together, how many people have you counted? On my list are a skip man, electrician, plumber, tiler, plasterer, painter, flooring specialist and of course a kitchen fitter to make it happen for you.

All in all, quite a few skilled tradespeople to make your new kitchen a reality. But one quality kitchen fitter to make the heart of your home beat.

Get in touch with us today if you are thinking about a new kitchen and we can tell you more.