Deck the kitchen with boughs of holly, fa la la la…

10th December 2018

Clearly it should be ‘deck the halls’, and I’m not one to take issue with such an iconic song, but why would you want to decorate an area that you just pass through. I would choose the most popular room in the house, who doesn’t want to make the most of their Christmas decorations.

So, at this point I would obviously say the kitchen, but why not, it is the heart of the home and definitely the destination room for everybody because it’s where the festive food and drink can be found. There are so many options around for Christmas décor, so here are a few pointers for you.

Why not have a bit of fun and let your creative spirit run free with our top 10 ideas for decorating your kitchen.

1. HOLLY, PINE CONES AND CHRISTMAS TREE TWIGS – gather a few together and place them in a Christmas bowl or on a plate, a simple but effective way of adding a festive green to your kitchen

lit candles in a wreath




2. CANDLES TO LIGHT THE ROOM – a great way to soften the lighting and create a warm, traditional and cosy ambience into which to welcome all your family and friends




Red bow tie



3. BAUBLES AREN’T JUST FOR THE TREE – smooth and glitzy why not stack a few in a clear vase or on a platter then place near a candle, see them sparkle as you move round the kitchen




4. USE A COLOUR THEME TO MAKE A STATEMENT – why not pick two main colours, purple and silver or a red and gold, theme your decorations around these to enhance the overall effect

5. LIGHTS, LIGHTS AND MORE LIGHTS – so many strings of lights you can buy, in different shapes and colours, the kitchen is a perfect place to hang these on hooks and around cupboards


four macaroons surrounded by string lights

6. TINSEL TOWN IN YOUR KITCHEN – never quite sure where to put tinsel then why not hang it in the kitchen, across the wall cupboards, around pots and pans on a shelf or even from the ceiling

7. A PLACE FOR CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS – lots of wonderful Christmas themed ornaments in the shops, why not buy a few and place them strategically round the kitchen, subtle but effective

artistic christmas tree style decoration


handmade decorations hanging from string line

8. WINDOWS FOR EXTRA HANGING SPACE – the opening handle for a window is a great way to hang those extra tree decorations or ornaments, they can look great against the window



9. A ‘MINI-ME’ CHRISTMAS TREE – if you have the space go the whole hog and place a small Christmas tree in the kitchen, not the main event but a statement just the same

snowman and Christmas tree as hanging decorations

10. HOW TO ENJOY YOUR CHIRSTMAS CARDS – hang a piece of string between your kitchen wall cupboards and pop your Christmas cards on it, a perfect way to make the most of all the wonderful cards you receive

christmas present tags

This Christmas have fun decorating your kitchen and make the heart of your home beat, why not post some pictures and show us your creative side.