9th September 2019

It’s taken a few months but your new kitchen has come together. The kitchen fitter has finished working their magic. You have your kitchen back. It’s so shiny and new you almost don’t want to use it but you know you have to.

A kitchen is clearly designed to be used and is built for that purpose. Which is why it might be worth sharing some top tips on how to keep your kitchen in ‘mint’ condition. The right way to clean your kitchen doors and how to keep them looking like new.

General cleaning tips

Why is it we always insist on spraying bleach and other such cleaning products on every part of our kitchen. Perhaps the fear of germs multiplying unless we conduct a clinical deep clean on all our kitchen surfaces.

Abrasive or aggressive cleaners which contain ingredients such as bleach, acetone, solvent or alcohol should be avoided. These types of product are the worst you can use on your kitchen doors. They can actually damage the surface and reduce the lifespan.

Furniture polish containing wax isn’t really much better. These will leave a residue that over time will become difficult to remove. In many ways they will attract the dust and grease. Building up a layer of dirt that might actually need bleach to remove it.

Which is why it’s always good to know what you should be doing:


  • Use a liquid soap that only has a small proportion of soap i.e. the majority of the product is water based
  • Wipe over your doors using this soap with a damp cloth then dry with a soft clean cloth
  • Cooking splashes should be wiped off immediately using a damp cloth

This general approach will work for all types of kitchen door. There are some kitchen doors that require a little more attention but the principles remain the same. No harsh cleaning products just damp cloths and liquid soap.

There will be certain kitchen units that will need to be cleaned more often than others. So it’s worth cleaning round the whole kitchen at least four times a year. Maybe at the change of each season to get ready for the next one.

How to clean a painted door

These are fairly easy to clean and follow the general cleaning guide. Use a damp cloth to remove any marks or fingerprints. Doors are designed to be opened and you’d be surprised how much dirt builds up from simply using them. Just remember that we don’t always have sparkly clean hands in the kitchen.

Wipe over the surface with a clean and dry soft cloth to finish off. It’s as simple as that. If you have marks all over the door you can use a liquid soap on a damp cloth to give you that extra lift.

For doors that are stained rather than painted, this type of door usually has a lacquer applied. The cleaning method is exactly the same as for painted. Dirt can be easily wiped off the surface.

Keep timber and veneered doors clean

When you clean timber doors you need to follow the pattern of the grain. Wipe the doors in sections with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt. Then use a dry, soft cloth to finish.

The one area to look out for on this type of door is moisture. This can be very damaging to the fabric of the door. Simply boiling a kettle or water in an open pan on the hob will create moisture. Which is why it’s best to keep the areas where this type of kitchen equipment is located dry.

Look after foil and high gloss finished doors

Foil and lacquered door products will need a little bit more care and attention. These are manufactured with a foil or melamine lacquered surface. Which means you need to be careful not to puncture or pierce the panel as this will accelerate the deterioration of the door.

Follow the general cleaning guidelines and be wary of excess moisture. If oil-based substances such as butter, cooking or olive oil land on the doors. These should be removed immediately using a mild detergent. The quicker you remove it the easier it will be.


Any good quality kitchen fitter can give you advice on how best to look after your kitchen doors. They will have taken care to install them so they will be familiar with the products.

How often do you clean your kitchen doors and what do you clean them with?


16th August 2019

British Barbecue setup Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

And what a story there is to tell. If our weather was predictable and you were guaranteed hot, sunny days you would probably barbecue every day. But it isn’t which is why we try and plan these occasions with family and friends.

Often organised as a special occasion. A birthday or anniversary. Even just an opportunity to see people we haven’t seen for a while. But why do we insist on cooking and eating outside. There is a fifty : fifty chance it will rain.

Always have a back-up plan

If you work on the basis you will need a back-up plan, all will not be lost. A barbecue in your kitchen is not such a bad idea. In fact, the majority of your entertaining inevitably goes on in this room. So, it’s probably been designed with this in mind.

Even if you don’t eat in the kitchen and have a dining room next door, there is still plenty of opportunity to socialise. The worktops are at a great height so you can just lean on them, put your drinks down and strategically place bowls of crisps around the room.

A ready-made bar area for everybody to stand around and chit chat. You just need to carefully move bodies out of the way if you are barbecuing on the oven. And why not. An outside gas barbecue is just a cooker on wheels.

 Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

The two work well together

In reality, if you are having a barbecue, outside, then the kitchen will be in full swing anyway. Why is it men love to cook on the barbecue? They seem to claim this space and become some sort of expert chef.

Which is all very well. But you can’t just eat cooked meat or vegetables. There needs to be salad, potatoes and plenty of side dishes. All take quite a bit of time to prepare and need a fully equipped kitchen.

Funny that the chef elements don’t extend to this bit. Maybe because you have to be inside or is it that multi-tasking is not what they do. But if you open all the windows and doors it’s possible to feel the barbecue spirit. The fridge is still located in the kitchen. So, if it’s a hot day everyone will want drink refills at some stage.

Outside, inside barbecue anytime

Trying to second guess what the weather is going to do can be too much for some people. And actually, barbecue food tastes just as good coming from the kitchen.

Modern ovens have all the necessary space and gadgets to do a perfectly good barbecue indoors. You may need to open all the windows if you don’t fancy the extractor fan on at full blast. But it will be just as sociable and not an umbrella in sight.

Natural grey kitchen with clear cabinets and tiled floor

Something that is purpose-built

Dining alfresco can be quite addictive. Particularly if it’s a hot summer and good weather has set in. You could almost believe you are living in a Mediterranean climate. Eating outside becomes the norm.

Building an outside kitchen might be on the agenda. A little spot in the corner of the garden. Somewhere you can install some kitchen units and worktops under a canopy. Maybe with a barbecue to the side – that really needs to stay out in the open.

Pizza ovens and brick-built barbecues are also very popular. Ideal for a summer project but it will need to be built quickly. Before the forecast changes and the window of opportunity has gone. Maybe get the experts in to help you.

Some people go the whole hog and build a bar outside. It usually doesn’t matter if it’s raining because this is all under cover. Bar stools to sit up to the bar, a fridge to keep all the essentials cool, spirit optics if you are a professional and a dart board in the corner. That’s one way to make yourself very popular.

 Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Planning your outside space is just as important as furnishing a house. You may need the skills of a landscape gardener combined with a good kitchen fitter. But together they can create a functional outside room for you.

What do you like best about barbecues or do you hate them?

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29th July 2019

wild mushrooms and herbs on white marble table

It’s really exciting when you decide you need a new kitchen. Your next challenge will be what to choose. There is so much choice these days. It might take you a while to agree on the style and layout.

Are you the sort of person who looks at house magazines for inspiration? Collecting a whole host of ideas. Picking out the elements you like from lots of different kitchens.

But will they work together? Can you source the units to give you the look you want? Well here are some themes you might want to add into the mix.

   1. Colour contrast

There was a time when you picked a single colour for your kitchen units. These days you have colour, texture and finish to consider. But if you successfully mix and match these elements, it will provide interest and depth to your kitchen.

Blue centre island with cream cabinets

Belgravia kitchen painted Parisian blue and stone. Worktop is Calacatta porcelain.

Blue cabinets and centre island

Central island showing integrated solid oak trays and chopping boards.

Blue centre island with breakfast bar

Open wall display unit with curved doors.

Cream curved corner cabinet

Curved base door with moulded skirting plinth.

If you prefer something a little bit more subtle, there are softer tones you can combine. Creating a different look but definitely not shouting out at you. It’s more about living in harmony with each other.

Pale pink centre island and wooden floor

Belgravia kitchen painted lavender grey and cashmere with grey slate effect worktop.

Pale pink centre island and pink cabinets

Solid oak spice drawer sets within central island.

Pale pink centre island and wooden worktop

Pastry bench with slatted oak base and solid oak worktop.

Wooden dining table and pink cabinets

Large sideboard featuring tong and grove panelling, plane frames and wine rack.

   2. Keep it simple

Sometimes the simplest of design and finish can have the biggest impact. You don’t need to fill the whole kitchen with cupboards and draws. Think about the space you have and how you want to live in it.

Kitchens are very social areas so why not include some sofas. You should always have enough worktop for cooking but lots of space to eat, drink and chat.

Clean wood effect unit with plants growing in the top

Rezana stained carbon oak and Ferro painted iron. Worktop is Dekton Orix ultra compact. Shows custom designed unit for holding potted herbs.

Grey marble and wooden unit leading to staircase

An example of less is more. This kitchen has base cabinets only to accommodate this unconventinal space. Floating shelves provide added storage.

In a small space, to have a feature element will make quite a statement. It will announce your kitchen. Definitely a piece to be admired, drawing your guests into the space.

Grey worktop with copper panels

Island features Ferror in oxidized copper and tall oven housing in Rezanain expresso oak. Worktop is Silestone cemento spa quartz.

Grey worktop with copper panels and black dining set

Larder with Zola matte painted lava and featuring open shelving in Rezana expresso oak.

Grey worktop with copper panels

Handless rail system painted lava with Ferro drawer fronts in oxidized copper.

Lit wooden square shelving unit

Open shelving with recessed LED lights.

   3. Beauty on the inside

Not everybody wants their kitchen to make a statement. For some this type of kitchen can make the space difficult to live in from day to day. You may prefer a more understated style.

Perhaps something that unearths the real beauty of your kitchen once it is revealed. And why not. When you start opening the cupboards and draws be prepared to stand back in amazement. Perfectly designed, oozing quality and incredibly practical.

Cream cabinet with open doors

Four door larder displaying internal coffee station with open shelving and storage draw, with coffee pod holder

Textured grey open drawers with light grey stone worktop

Pan draws showing solid oak secret cutlery drawer with dovetail joints and inconspicuously positioned matte black handles.

Green wooden drawer open with chopping board underneath

Spice drawer and solid oak inset tray combination.

Pale blue large open wooden cabinet

Oak larder unit showing convenient internal storage including spice rack, open shelving and drawers designed to view contents at a glance.

Dark blue open drinks cabinet

Dresser internal featuring glass holder and bottle rack.

There is little doubt that whatever kitchen style or design you like, there is plenty of choice. It’s not uncommon to start with an idea in your mind and end up with something completely different.

That’s not in a bad way. It’s more about your mind being opened to look at other possibilities. Some you probably hadn’t even thought about. A good quality kitchen fitter can talk you through all the options and discuss what works well together.

What sort of kitchen style do you prefer, why not leave a comment?

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8th July 2019

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

It’s probably fair to say there are two rooms in a house that attract a lot of attention. The bathroom and kitchen. If you are selling a house they will be of greater interest. It can sometimes be a deciding factor. Rooms that can easily add costs for a buyer.

For those who have bought a house and can see the potential, there are options. One of these is upcycling. Not the same as recycling. You aren’t getting rid of items that will be made into something else. But reusing, revamping, restyling.

A simple freshen-up

Let’s be honest, kitchens are built to last. You can expect a good quality kitchen to last 20 years. It might start to look a bit dated and tired but in essence each of the elements will still do the job.

In fact, it’s usually the kitchen cupboard doors that become worn over time. The actual carcass or frame is still solid. So, why not freshen-up with a coat of paint. You can remove the doors and draws to another room to apply a new colour or finish.

blue wooden cabinets with brass handles

Which means you don’t have to worry about emptying the contents of the cupboards. They can still be used for storage. There just won’t be any doors on them. The layout of the kitchen hasn’t changed. You are keeping everything that was originally there but re-modelling the look.

To help with the freshen-up why not change the door and draw handles. These could be something you upcycle as well. There are companies who will do this for you which means you just need to buy directly from them.

It’s all about repurposing materials. These are likely to be items you won’t have thought about using. How about teaspoons or folks, car door handles or leather made into loops. These can all be remodelled into handles for your kitchen.

Introducing bespoke furniture

A kitchen doesn’t have to be laid out exactly as you see in the brochure. The most important thing for you is to make the heart of your home beat. Which can be difficult if you feel you are living in a showroom kitchen. So, why not start with a basic layout and customise certain bits.

You may already have a favourite piece of furniture. If it doesn’t quite fit with your current kitchen, why not paint it or sand it down to the original wood. Add new fittings to it and instantly transform the overall look.

Another good place to visit will be the auction rooms or a shop selling second-hand furniture? There are so many original pieces you can choose from. Find something you like and if it’s not in the right condition then refurbish it. That’s what upcycling is all about.

olive cupboards with blue cabinets

Discover a new kitchen island

Very popular and often used instead of a table is the kitchen island. Definitely a centre piece for this room. They can be bold, a bit different, but always providing a contrast to the rest of the room. In essence a piece that wants to stand out.

You could build something from scratch using different materials. Reclaimed wood and scaffolding poles would give you an urban look. Maybe an old set of draws or a cart on wheels. They can all be adapted to stand alone as an island in your kitchen.


Installing lights above your island can add to the overall look. This is where you can definitely give items a new lease of life. How about old-fashioned car or heat lamps, crystal bowls or maybe a wire egg basket. All sound a bit strange but once adapted you probably wouldn’t recognise them.

 Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

It’s a matter of choice

Budget might be one of your considerations. A new kitchen could be a step to far. Yet you need to make some changes because it’s not a room you warm to. Maybe you want to stamp your own personality on it.

Upcycling in the right areas can give you what you need. Reusing what you have, changing the way it looks and adding a few more distinct items will give you this. A good kitchen fitter can advise you on where you need to focus to achieve the right look.

Some people just want to reuse as much as they can. So, building an upcycled kitchen will give them great satisfaction. Sourcing the materials is part of the enjoyment. Maybe just leave the installation to the experts.

If you are taking kitchen units out to replace with your own style, why not use them somewhere else. Maybe build an outdoor kitchen for those summer barbeques. Or donate them to a local charity, they might be able to use them to support the work they do.

Whatever you decide it must be about making the heart of your home beat. To stamp your own personality on the kitchen. Make it a room where you want to spend time, entertain your family and friends. Simply just enjoy what you have created.


Have you had a go at upcycling in your kitchen or is it something that does appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts.

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20th June 2019

selection of herbs and flowers in a pestle and mortar

I bet most of us would say never. The thought of having the heart of your home out of action for a period of time is just too much. But with the right amount of planning this doesn’t have to be a big issue. If you can minimise the disruption to a bit of inconvenience, that has to be worth it.

In order to do this, you need to work out when is the best time for you to have a kitchen makeover. Most of us are busy people with family, work and social commitments. Which is why you need to consider all aspects before picking a date for the work to happen.

Decide what you want

This sounds a bit obvious but there is so much choice for each individual aspect of a kitchen. There might be elements you really don’t like but if you simply combine them with a different colour or texture you will love it.

white and grey kitchen with blue wall and exposed brickwork

An example would be worktops, these cover such a prominent area and always have a big impact. Or maybe look at a backsplash rather than tiles. Even something as simple as changing the door handles. Ask a kitchen fitter to bring along some samples to help you decide.

Take as long as you need to choose what you want. But once you have made your choice don’t keep changing your mind. This can add disruption, mess and time to any kitchen upgrade. Something you really want to avoid if you dislike the kitchen being out of action.

Assess the extent of the works

It’s important not to generalise about a kitchen makeover. The work needed could be anything from replacing cupboard doors and draws to ripping out the oven, sink and worktops. These days you could argue there is a fine line between a completely new kitchen and a simple freshen-up.

Whatever you are planning, a conversation with a kitchen fitter will give you all the information you need. They will understand what you need and how much disruption is involved as well as the timescales. Best to get a view up front so you know what you’re dealing with.

Always consider the family

Only you will know what you have planned over the coming year. If you are entertaining at home or organising any parties, definitely best to avoid these dates. Even if you have the outside caters doing the food, they will still need access to your kitchen.

Large open white kitchen with wooden dining table in centre

Children are actually quite flexible, depending on their age. But you clearly want to avoid kitchen upheaval around any exam periods. These are stressful enough without adding another layer.

You might think that school holidays would be a good time. But bear in mind this might be a step too far with children under your feet all day.

The annual family holiday might be the perfect time to work on the kitchen. Peace and quiet with no disruptions will certainly help with the completion timescales. If it’s just the two of you then why not book a holiday and get away from it all. Nothing better than coming home to a revamped kitchen.

Make alternative arrangements

There is no getting away from the fact you may not be able to use the kitchen for a couple of weeks. If you don’t mind microwave meals you can always set up a make-shift kitchen area in another room.

If you’re going for a summer makeover you could go for an outdoor kitchen, well at least a barbeque. Live alfresco for a couple of weeks. The only downside is that you can’t always guarantee the weather. So always good to have an alternative plan.

Depending on how extensive the makeover is going to be, you may have access to a utility room. If you can complete the works in the main kitchen first this could be an area you can access for basics.

The season for kitchen makeovers

Always a topic of great debate. Because this is an indoor project, in a room that is already furnished, the seasons shouldn’t be a major consideration. You’re not dependant on fine, frost-free weather. Work can be carried out irrespective of what is happening outside.

wild mushrooms and herbs on white marble table

You might want to consider a time of year when there are more daylight hours. Particularly if you are working to a tight deadline and your kitchen fitter is willing to work longer days. This will depend on the extent of the makeover. You can work with artificial light but not if the electric supply is off.

And of course, if you want to use a kitchen fitter that is recommended you may be limited as to when they can do it. There is certainly a period from September through to December when everybody wants their kitchen upgrade for Christmas. Which actually takes us right back to the basics of planning.

So, there really isn’t a bad time to have a kitchen makeover. The most important thing to consider is when it is right for you. Everything should work around you and your family.

If you are thinking about having some work done, best to start the conversations now. Even a busy kitchen fitter will be able to meet with you, give you some ideas and discuss your options. Their job is not just about the installation but helping you make the heart of your home beat.

What are your thoughts on kitchen makeovers, why not leave a comment?

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6th June 2019

grey brown kitchen with exposed brick wall

When you start to look at major building work on your home it’s important to find the right builder. Installing a kitchen is really no different. You need a skilled individual you can trust and who you know will do a good job. They need to make the heart of your home beat.

You could be using a national chain or local supplier to design and supply your new kitchen. That doesn’t always mean you have to use their installers. If you know what you need, you can ask the right questions upfront. It’s important you get the best kitchen fitter for the job.

What do other people say

These days everybody looks at reviews before they make a purchase. It’s no different when you are looking for a skilled tradesman. In fact, it’s something you should actively seek out to ensure they are as good as they say.

Why not ask for the details of some previous customers. Check that it’s alright to make contact, then ask about their experience. How did they find their workmanship, were they tidy, did they manage other trades, how was their time keeping?

large open green and white kitchen with central island

Have a look at their website, are there any testimonials. These are a great way to read about what other people thought. Of course, these are published by the owner of the website but how many do they have and what aspects do they cover. These might be areas that are really important to you.

Google reviews is another source of information. This is perhaps more transparent as people can share their thoughts directly online. If there is a bad review, see if there was a response and what was said. There are always two sides to a story.

Kitchen fitting experience and guarantees

When you talk to a kitchen fitter, they will tell you about the other jobs they’ve completed. Ask to see the pictures. They may even have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture of the kitchen to show the extent of the transformation.

It would be even better if they have installed a kitchen layout similar to the one you have chosen. Always ask to see the pictures, but also ask if you can go and see it. View the installation at first-hand and speak to the customer.

Check what will happen once your kitchen is installed. Make sure they follow-up to ensure there are no ‘snagging’ issues. Just little things that probably don’t really matter but over time they start to niggle away. Really easy for a fitter to fix and if they take pride in their work, it will also matter to them.

close up on natural wooden knobs on white drawers

Some kitchen fitters will offer guarantees for their work. If they have supplied the kitchen units there is usually a guarantee of about 10 years. But remember, any teething problems with the installation, a good quality fitter will always sort these out straight away.

Wood products in kitchens are really popular. This may be something you are keen to use but are concerned about the environment. There are fitters who will use wood with an environmentally sustainable reassurance obtained from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Check their websites to see if they offer this.

Managing the kitchen installation

When you have chosen your kitchen layout and style, you don’t always appreciate what is involved with fitting a kitchen. You definitely need electric and water. Gas is optional depending on what you prefer and if it’s available.

Kitchen fitters will often out-source the plumbing and electrics to a specialist. You need to establish if this is the case and if it’s part of their quote or separate. Whoever you use, make sure the relevant accreditations and certifications are up to date.

When your fitter works with a team of tradesmen it can save you a lot of hassle. They become the single point of contact. This makes it easier to manage their time on site during the installation more effectively.

tray of tall jug of lime water and glasses

Working together

Whichever way you look at, your kitchen fitter will be on site for a number of weeks. So, it’s important that you get along. You have invited them into the heart of your home and you want them to build something special for you.

During the quotation process you can assess this sort of dynamic. It sounds a bit trivial. But your home will be taken over for a period of time so make sure you want to invite the kitchen installer back each day. If you really don’t then you have a problem.

At Trinder-Craft we are passionate about making the heart of your home beat. If you’d like to see the quality of our work just ask, we’d be happy to share.


Have you used a kitchen fitter before, what has been your experience? Leave a comment.

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22nd May 2019

pink flowers in large globe vase

“You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” by Jona Lewie is a great song from the late 70s, and so true. It’s the one place where everybody gravitates towards and certainly the finishing point for any party.

Now the weather is getting better and we’re starting to think about summer entertaining, thoughts will turn to the kitchen. Definitely the focal point for food and drink. So, what is the best way to get it ready for those parties and work with the space you have.

Indoor party, outdoor party

The first thing you need to decide is are you having an indoor or outdoor party. It’s a difficult call with our British weather, which you can’t always rely on. But with the longer days and lighter nights you have the opportunity to stay outside for longer.

If your kitchen is adjacent to the garden, maybe has patio doors that open out onto the space, it makes your life easier. The main party area can be set-up in the kitchen and outdoor seating arranged near-by. Just so guests can easily wonder in and out.

Alternatively, it might be all or nothing. In which case you need to keep a close eye on the weather. If it looks unsettled then it might be better to stay in doors but open all the windows and bring the outside in.

Start with a blank canvas

Kitchens tend to attract clutter. Any expanse of worktop is an invitation to show off the latest gadget or will inevitably attract paperwork. When you’re having a party this is a great area for guests to stand and lean, even put their drinks down.

large open green and white kitchen with central island

Clearing the tops will give you more space. You might find some room in your cupboards to store your gadgets. Often very deceptive and designed with a surprising amount of storage area. You’ll be surprised how much you can squeeze in and will probably wonder why on earth you haven’t done this before.

A party is always an opportunity to de-clutter. To deal with that pile of post that has been growing on the worktop in the corner for weeks. Either file in a safe place or put it in the bin. You definitely don’t want anybody reading your post at the party and it just looks untidy.

Setting up the bar

Using the kitchen as a bar is probably the best idea. You will have worktops to lay out the glasses and drinks, spirits or punch depending on what you are serving, with a fridge to keep everything cold.

dark blue open drinks cabinet

If you’ve planned ahead with your kitchen, the glasses and spirits will be in the cupboards above and below the worktop, so this will be an easy job. Then as guests arrive you can easily serve them a drink and as the party progresses, they can help themselves.

Setting the bar up next to the sink will give you another option for keeping drinks cold. Fill the sink with ice cubes, just buy the large bags from the supermarket. Then load up with bottles of beer or wine and you have a ready-made wine cooler.

The only challenge then will be to move guests away from the bar. Easy to stand and continue chatting. But if you have someone serving drinks whilst they chat to other guests you can keep this area free-flowing.

The food factor

It’s always nice to provide simple but tasty snacks at a party. Take a cook book from your kitchen shelf and see how many inspiring combinations there are.

Bowls of crisps and peanuts can be strategically placed around the kitchen area. They will help to draw guests away from the bar area and circulate.

If you have a breakfast bar you can put plates of tasty morsels on here. It can provide a focal point and will encourage guests to linger and chat. Leave the stools out so if people want to sit, they can or simply push them under the bar.

A table placed against one of the walls is another option for laying out party food. You can probably put more food on the table as guests will simply pick up what they want and move away. It’s not really there to put your drinks on, that’s a job for the worktops.

And don’t forget hot food. You might think this is off the agenda because everybody is in the kitchen. But guests will accommodate you taking items out of the oven and transferring them to a plate, it’s all part of the social space. The food might not even make it to the table.

The morning after the night before

This is the time when you are soooo pleased that you had the main party in the kitchen. It’s a really easy job to transfer all the dirty glasses and plates into the dishwasher. Tipping the dregs down the sink and washing away the debris.

modern stylish breakfast set

Another benefit to having a party in your kitchen is the flooring. Let’s be honest, it’s not going to be carpet. Probably something a little bit more ‘hard wearing’ like a tile, vinyl or laminate. Easy to clean and maintain.

So, your floor might be sticky and look fifty shades darker. But you will be amazed at how a steam cleaner can bring the floor back to life. The dirt will simply lift off and the smell of drink will fade. Having said that, it might take a few cleans before you are back to normal, but a small price to pay for a good party.


Making the heart of your home beat is certainly something that a party can do. If you like to entertain and are thinking about re-designing your kitchen, make sure you include parties as part of your requirements.

What would be your number one priority for a new kitchen and why?

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2nd May 2019

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Well top of my list would be how to make my life easier. There are so many useful gadgets you can use in your kitchen. But you need to be careful. It would be really easy to fill your cupboards and workspace with every gadget that is going. Which is clearly a great tactic if you like dusting.

So, how do you decide on which appliances you can’t live without?  This could be quite a simple process based on how often you use them. Always be prepared to get rid of any you haven’t used in months. It can be ruthless but will help you in the long run.

Seamlessly integrated appliances

You would probably start with the large white goods that are now standard kitchen items. A dishwasher has become a must for most households. The thought of washing up is not something that crosses our minds very often.

But this item doesn’t need to be on display. If you have a stylish, sleek maybe even modern kitchen why spoil it with a machine breaking up those fine lines. Cupboards can be adapted to house a dishwasher. Seamlessly integrated and only revealed when dirty dishes are piling up on the side.

 Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

The same can be said for fridges. Although these can now make a statement all on their own. You can colour co-ordinate a fridge/freezer with your kitchen or it can stand out in matt black, silver or maybe a striking red. Designed to definitely be seen and available in retro to super-sized American styles.

A cooker is no longer just a cooker

There is so much choice on the type of cooker combinations. And I’m not talking about whether it’s gas or electric. For a kitchen designer it just opens up a whole world of possibilities.

You no longer have to find space for your hob and main oven to sit together. They can be placed separately depending on the look you want to create.

modern black and white kitchen with wooden accents

Range cookers have proved very popular in recent years. An almost industrial sized oven with double hob burners and oodles of oven space. What a way to announce your kitchen and make a statement that cooking is definitely done in this space.

Extractor fans also come in all shapes and sizes. You are no longer restricted to installing these on a solid wall. They can hang in the middle of a room, concealed under a cupboard or shelf. The latest designs have them built next to the hob. Which is great if you are short of space.

An old favourite that still has a use

Microwave ovens have become a standard appliance for any kitchen. Probably on a par with the oven and washing machine but maybe slightly ahead of the dishwasher. These are available in lots of different styles and finishes. You need to choose one that blends in with your kitchen.

Often just placed on top of the worktops, tucked away in the corner. An extra surface on which to put paperwork or a tissue box. It’s also quite nice to have these built into a cupboard. All you see is the front of the machine with easy access to open and shut the door.

A barista in your kitchen

Now there’s a thought. But on a serious note. This is what we call ‘proper’ coffee making machines. An increasingly popular appliance in the kitchen. The smell of freshly ground coffee is too much to resist at any time of the day.

Image by María Fernanda Pérez from Pixabay

These appliances can sit on top of the work tops, no problem. A permanent feature in the kitchen. After all they are quite easy on the eye, but can add to the sense of clutter.

A popular alternative is to have them built into a cupboard. Adapting this space to house a coffee machine or you could use a shelf. It just needs to be set at the right height for you to reach. This way you can still see the machine but it’s permanently stored up out of the way.


A lot of appliance options to make the heart of your home beat. It’s great to have so much flexibility because you can create a kitchen that works for you.

What would be your favourite and why?


23rd April 2019

small jars of herbs and spices

People of ‘a certain age’ will remember visiting their Grandparents and being sent to the pantry for the biscuit tin. There are still many older houses that offer a ‘walk-in’ pantry as a feature. But equally, new houses are not usually designed and built to include this type of room.

What was a pantry used for?

Years ago, probably before fridges were a standard kitchen accessory, a pantry was the coldest place in the house. A room to store semi-perishable items, away from the heat of the kitchen. Food that didn’t need to be in a fridge but stored at room temperature.

They were really walk-in store cupboards. Probably associated more with the era of pickling and preserving, one of the seasonal jobs that was undertaken. An opportunity for home grown fruit and vegetables to be enjoyed throughout the winter months, picked, prepared and stored in jars using various recipes.

 Photo by Kokil Sharma from Pexels

You could also store tinned food. Something we have done in more recent times. Encouraged by the cooking programmes on TV to make simple, quick easy recipes from the store cupboard. The essentials you always need in the house to ensure you can make that supper dish everybody loves.

Replaced but not forgotten

These days, and for the majority of houses, a pantry is a bit of a wasted room. With larger kitchens that double up as dinning-rooms, often used as the main living space. A separate room to store your food could be considered a bit of a luxury. I mean a cupboard you can walk into with shelves of food!

If you have designed your kitchen correctly, there isn’t really a need for a pantry. Plenty of cupboard, even draw space, to store food and those essential items you always need to have in the house.

The thought of running out of space is not an issue either. There is always the utility room. An additional shelf in here could enable you to store the extra jars, tins or bottles. Even shelves in the garage can be used as an overflow.

traditional style blank and white kitchen

Still around today

It might sound like we don’t like pantries, which isn’t the case. Fitted with a shelving system they are great places to display all your store cupboard items.

You can even theme the contents, try putting all your baking ingredients together. This helps you see what you’ve run out of and where the gaps are. So next time you go shopping, the store cupboard item can be replaced.

How you use your space

A well-planned kitchen should give you enough space to store your pots, pans and food. All easily accessible. The type of stacking systems available behind cupboard doors will let you see all your stored items. You simply have to pull the storage unit out to see them.

white kitchen with textured white tiling

Empty wall space in the utility room is another area where you can put shelves. Or, if you have spare cupboard space this can be used. It’s almost a modern-day pantry, with all the kitchen accessories added.

If you don’t feel you have enough space in your kitchen or think you can use it a lot better, talk to a kitchen fitter. They will have a lot of ideas and might suggest something you hadn’t even thought about. Always looking for ways to make the heart of your home beat.


Why not leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are on the pantry?



5th April 2019

clean white counter top white marble tiling

A kitchen backsplash is actually a very functional feature of any kitchen. It does what is says really. Catches all the splashes. Whether you are cooking, preparing vegetables or making a cup of tea. If you make a mess it usually ends up on the backsplash.

Traditionally, these were always made of tiles. All you had to do was decide on the colour combination. Perhaps something with a pattern or picture included. Whatever you went with, it had the effect of bringing the whole kitchen together.

Traditional is still a good choice

Today there are a huge variety of backsplash styles, colours even textures to choose from.

Tiles are still very popular. You just have a wider choice. There are the simple colours available such as urban white. But you now have more variety and could consider a textured effect. Perhaps you want to look at different size tiles. These will all fit together like a large jigsaw puzzle.

 Photo by Milly Eaton from Pexels

For those who don’t like the grouting finish. Maybe you are someone who gets frustrated about how it deteriorates overtime. Why not try a tile wallpaper. Easy to work with and you are able cut it into shape, which is great when you have to go around those plug sockets.

Backsplashes have come of age

Then you have backsplashes that are completely different to tiles. The wood effect, mirror, marble, even stainless-steel finishes. Usually applied in one large sheet or certainly so you don’t see the joins. These will give you a smooth and sophisticated finish for any kitchen.

Large open kitchen diner with white cupboards

In fact, with the number of products and materials available today anything is possible. Acrylics come in a variety of colours and can give a kitchen that really modern touch. If you have a small kitchen why not look at a mirror effect. Reflect the light back into the room to create a spacious, light and airy room.

Then you have something that’s a little bit more, quirky shall we say. Copper is very popular in kitchens but have you thought about installing a copper backsplash. Incredibly stunning and actually quite warming. How about a blackboard. Show your artistic side by drawing images on it or write down all those things you remember when you’re in the kitchen.

Not just for the kitchen sink

You’ve chosen the kitchen cupboards, worktops and flooring. How do you bring it all together? Well the backsplash is a great way to do this. Behind the sink and cooker are the most obvious places but it doesn’t have to be limited to here.

pale blue whistling kettle on hob

Materials can be taken right up to the ceiling. This is a great option if you have no fitted cupboards above the worktop. Rather than look at a blank painted wall you could extend the backsplash. Why not enjoy more of the effect you have chosen, don’t limit it to a small area.

Open shelving is very popular these days. A place to store your cook books or individual ornaments. By covering the whole wall, you can incorporate these features into your kitchen. Make it part of the fixtures and fittings. A backsplash can actually make the shelving stand out, be more of a statement piece.

If it feels like there is too much choice why not talk to your local kitchen fitter. Always on hand with lots of sample books and ideas on how to make the heart of your home beat.