Can you remodel a kitchen?

21st February 2019

grey and white kitchen rendering

The question should really be ‘why wouldn’t you remodel a kitchen?’. It’s often the thought of making a change that stops people tackling this room. Probably outdated and looking a bit sad, but you can live with it and everything works.

Maybe you start the year with great plans. Revamp a room at a time. A fresh lick of paint, change the furniture maybe add a few more of your favourite pictures to the wall. But the one room you probably spend the most time in is always a job for tomorrow.

It doesn’t have to be like this. If you are fed up with your kitchen and want to breathe new life into the heart of your home, there are some really easy remodelling ideas.

Start at the bottom

For many kitchens, one of the first things you notice is the flooring. Usually a fairly large expanse as a proportion of the rest of the kitchen. The colour, texture and appearance can say a lot about this room.

Lighter colours add to the feeling of space while darker coverings will make for a cosy and welcoming area. Mindful of kitchen cupboards and worktops, the floor needs to bring the whole room together. Durable and easy to clean are a given.

The main attraction for a kitchen fitter

Kitchen cupboards and worktops are the mainstays of this room. The installation of a carcass or wooden frame is the key element for any draws or cupboards. What you actually see and appreciate are the doors. So why not simply change these if you want to create a different look.

wood effect cupboards with grey counter top

Two choices here. You can either keep the existing doors and paint them. A wide range of choice in terms of colour and finish. If you go down this route then why not mix and match. Choose two complimentary colours and paint a section in a different colour.

The other option is to replace the doors completely. All kitchens have a standard fitted carcass. Why, because the doors are only made in certain sizes. So, it would be really easy to remove the existing ones and simply replace with the new. Job done, the new look achieved.

To finish off the kitchen remodel have a look at worktops. So many different styles and colours are now available. You can have a surface that blends in with the kitchen cupboards or something with a bit more of a contrast, make a statement.

Why not take an even bolder step

If you have space and like to chat in the kitchen whilst cooking, why not look at an island. These can be an extension to an existing worktop. Space underneath can accommodate bar stools to sit and socialise or eat your meals, make the kitchen table redundant.

A standalone kitchen island can create a real presence. Often finished in contrasting kitchen cupboards. It can provide additional storage space as well as creating another seating area. This doesn’t always have to blend in with the rest of the kitchen. A distinctive worktop can give you a real focal point.

rustic white kitchen with wooden counters


Open shelving is a great alternative to kitchen cupboards. It’s simply shelving without a door, onto which you can display objects and books. Probably limited usage in a kitchen up until now. But definitely, a more modern and interesting way to store all your essentials.


Whatever you have in mind, it’s a good idea to talk to a quality local kitchen fitter. Starting the conversation is the first step. Planning what you want and seeing what is possible will definitely be the fun bit.