A kitchen makeover could be the answer…

23rd October 2018

Pale blue kitchen with gloss tiles

Never, never underestimate the power of a kitchen. An entire house will be judged on the look and feel of this one room.

But what can you do if the heart of the home looks tired, outdated and has probably seen better days?

Well thankfully there is a lot you can do and it doesn’t always involve ripping out your kitchen. In fact, a kitchen makeover will involve less mess, less hassle and a smaller budget.

So, what are the secrets and how can you perform a kitchen makeover – well let’s look at the star attractions.

Stylish Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets

These are the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen, probably covering the most area within this space. The most common issue is the colour and style, which if you add wear and tear, will very quickly make the kitchen look outdated.

There are 3 makeover options, all of which involve removing the doors:

1.   Sanding down, preparing and painting the doors a different colour – great if you have a creative flair but remember you have to live with the end result

2.  Covering the doors with a vinyl, a bit like wrapping a vehicle to change the appearance – probably need a professional to do this unless you are an expert with sticky-back plastic

3.   Choosing a completely different door and simply replacing the old with the new – an opportunity to flick through a big glossy brochure to choose the colour and style you like, then out with the old and in with the new

The transition will be immediate but what else do you need to change to bring the whole room together?

Collage of kitchen drawer styles

Knobs and Handles

Another way to update a kitchen is to change the knobs and handles on the cupboards. You often see this happening on a set of draws for the bedroom and definitely part of the makeover gang.

Why not try something slightly quirky in the kitchen, like spoons or forks for handles or simply update with a more modern style. There is a lot of choice which means plenty to think about, so you can mix and match whatever you fancy.

Winning Worktops

A worktop can be a finishing touch for your kitchen or a way of making a statement. The options are very black and white, you can stick or twist, stay with what you already have or replace with new.

The good news is, there are a wide range of materials available for a worktop like wood, laminate, granite and all the composites in-between. So, if you’re looking for a replacement there is plenty of choice.

Alternatively, if you like the worktop you have but annoyingly it is damaged in certain areas, there are companies who can fix this so they look like new again – saving you time, money and the hassle of replacing like for like.

White kitchen units and a grey floor

Making a Splash

Tiling in a kitchen can be a seamless part of the overall design or a striking element that is noticed as soon as you enter. To be honest, tiling itself might in some quarters, be seen as a bit out dated – everybody is now talking about splashbacks.

This does exactly what the name tells you. A functional wall covering designed to catch any cooking debris, yes that’s right splashes, but easy to wipe clean. All without the headache of grouting – so really quick and straightforward to install.

So if you think that your kitchen is feeling sad and you want to make the heart of your home beat again – consider a makeover to bring it back to life.