5 Topics of conversation in your kitchen

9th October 2018

Family sitting around kitchen table

Why is it that in any house everybody always heads for the kitchen?

It’s where people meet and chat about what they’ve done, what they’d like to do, the latest gossip, in fact every aspect of life is covered, specifically in this room. The conversation can even be about the kitchen, after all we spend enough time in them.

So, what are the ‘hot’ kitchen topics and do any of them sound familiar?

1.   What’s for dinner? 

Probably the most talked about subject. Everyone arrives home and makes a bee-line for the kitchen. Sometimes you can smell something cooking and it’s a game of guess what’s in the oven.

It’s then either a relax and wait for the food to arrive or hunting in the kitchen cupboards, because it wasn’t exactly what you wanted and you fancy something different. 

2.   The right mix of kitchen cabinets versus draws

Kitchens are a bit like a TARDIS, capable of absorbing all your pots, pans, cooking ingredients, glasses, mugs and crockery. The truth is there is so much ‘stuff’ that you struggle to find what you are looking for.

Planning a kitchen layout can help, so can decluttering but that’s a whole different topic. Having cupboards next to the cooker containing your pots and pans makes them easy to access or an ingredients draw, so you can pull it open as you’re cooking.

3.   The kitchen looks ‘out dated’

I bet we’ve all, at some stage in our homeowning lives, looked at the kitchen and thought it looks tired or old fashioned. Considering the amount of time spent in this space it can be a niggling issue, one that you have to look at everyday.

The thought of ripping out a kitchen to start again feels like it would be expensive and inconvenient. How on earth do you live if there is nowhere to meet, cook and chat?

Thankfully you can have what we call a ‘kitchen makeover’ and why not, every other room can have one. A fantastic way to update the style, look and feel without striping it all back to a bare room.

4.   I can never get my kitchen tiles clean

Tiles have long been the preferred choice for filling that space between the kitchen worktops and your bare walls. But the grouting, an essential element, is difficult to clean, inevitably shrinking and cracking the longer it’s in place.

Enter the splashback. A wallcovering that looks stylish, functional, adding dare we say, a ‘splash’ of colour to your walls. No grouting just a continuous wall covering that is easy to wipe over and keep clean.

5.   Do we need a table in the kitchen?

Getting everybody together and eating a meal is difficult, after all we’re all busy getting on with our lives. So, to even consider getting rid of the kitchen table, the one piece of furniture where everyone gathers together, sits and eats a meal, might feel uncomfortable.

You could always go out on a limb and consider a kitchen island – not so much isolating yourself but creating a meeting point for your favourite room in the house.

An oasis within any kitchen where you can prepare food whilst others sit, chat, drink and generally tell you how to cook! An incredibly sociable essential for any kitchen and capable of hosting a meal, providing everyone likes sitting up to the bar.

And then there is the most popular kitchen topic, not on the list of 5 as it’s more of a statement than a conversation piece – ‘your dinner is in the dog’. Although once stated there are sure to be more words to follow…

Leave us a comment and tell us what you talk about in your kitchen.