5 Great kitchen themes for 2019

24th January 2019

grey kitchen with textured green tiles


Thinking about a new kitchen or perhaps looking at a refresh and need some inspiration. This might help you with the planning. There are some exciting themes emerging this year.


  1. Integration all the way


Seamless, sleek kitchens, with no lumps or bumps are still very popular. Concealed draws and cupboards, with cleverly hidden openings, allow the overall materials to speak for themselves.


The only clue to the purpose of this room are the appliances and possibly bar stools. Not everybody wants to make this space shout out as a kitchen, preferring to enjoy the overall aesthetics.


If the appliances do give it away, there are lots of clever integration options. Built-in ovens are almost standard in many kitchens, but how about a coffee maker or wine fridge. Celebrated for the function they perform and adding intrigue to the space.


  1. Colour combinations


Gone are the days when you choose your kitchen units in a single colour. Mixing and matching colours is very much part of the modern day look and feel. Different tones of green, grey or blue are all very popular.


There are other elements in the kitchen where you can add colour. The range of bar stools now available will give you plenty of choice. Possibly an upholstered version with coloured fabric or maybe an urban plastic look incorporating bold colours.


Leather chairs under white marble counter


  1. Making a statement


Sometimes it’s the little touches that make the biggest statement. Pendant lighting in a kitchen can be very striking when you enter the room. There is a huge amount of choice, with large over-sized lights very popular in such an open space.



A series of pendant lights, all in a row, can have a similar impact. Possibly denoting a certain area in a kitchen, the breakfast bar or comfy seating area. Framing the space and sectioning off the cooking area from the socialising bit.


  1. Classic Combinations


It’s not always about modern, sleek kitchens. The classic, even retro elements are still very much in favour this year.


Whatever style you like, a kitchen should be inviting, a place where you want to spend time. Not clinical and cold because it needs to be up with the latest trends.


So, you can combine the modern functions of a kitchen with the classic elements that make it a home. Furniture, accessories, even light fittings can all work together and bring a warmth to the room.


large traditional kitchen with dining table in the center


  1. Textures


A great way to add depth and interest to your kitchen. Individual features built from stone and timber can either be a decoration or incorporate an essential kitchen appliance.


Tiles are not always the first choice for around the worktops. Full-length backsplashes with a marble, flecked or mirror finish can make quite a statement.


Kitchen handles are still very popular in copper and pewter. But why not try something completely new and consider leather. Not as solid as the traditional options and can soften the overall appearance.


Whatever you’re planning this year, make sure you make the heart of your home beat again.